About me

This is me. :)

My name is Catherine… and I am a FOODIE! :) And proud of it.

As my mother loves to tell me, she never had to show me where my mouth was. And as evident by the curve of my hips, I still love food.
I love to go out to eat with friends and eat yummy food…

I love to watch cooking shows…
I love my cookbooks… all hundred of them…
and …I love to cook and bake.

I feed a family of 6 most nights. They are the poor souls who have to suffer through my cooking, the good and the bad. And there have definitely been some bad ones. I love cooking for friends and family and my wonderful husband has indulged in this by allowing me to paint my kitchen BRIGHT pink and  stocking it with some awesome appliances and utensils.

It is this love of cooking that inspired me to create this blog. :) I usually just post all the pics of my food onto facebook but thought I would take that up a notch and start a blog. :) The aim for my blog is simply just to share my love of food with people. I want to share my delights when things turn out great and share the disasters when they don’t! :) If I can make someone smile and or salivate from reading this blog then I will be happy! :)

Please feel free to leave comments! :)
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Hope you all like!
Love Catherine


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