Living in the land of Cupcakes.

I  love making cupcakes. ♥♥♥♥ 

They were very much the "in" thing a couple of years ago with so many people opting for cupcake wedding cakes and so on. 

I think the craze has died down a bit with the "cake pops" taking its place but 
I still love making cup cakes. With their elegant swirled icing and the endless array of decorations, what's not to love??? 

Here are some tips for making a great cupcake and some decorating ideas.

Butterflies :)

The Cupcake
I must say, despite being a confessed chocoholic, my go-to flavour cupcake will have to be vanilla. I don't know what it is?? (Age maybe?? hehe) I find sometimes the chocolate cupcakes can be a little on the dry side?? I find the vanilla just so soft, moist and melt in the mouth.

For all the cupcakes I make I use a box mix. It is just so painless and cost effective. I may have mentioned that my preference of box mix is the Golden Cloud Vanilla Cake Mix. This should yield about 12 cupcakes, maybe 18 depending on the size of the holders.The trick with the box mix is to not overwork the batter. I find it best to mix all the wet ingredients in a jug, and then add to the dry ingredients and just mix with a spatula until the mixture is smooth. It does not need an electric mixer. :)

Smartie Cupcakes

Butter Cream Icing
The butter cream icing is best used with an electric mixer. If you are lucky enough to have a stand mixer even better. It saves your arms. Unless of course you don't mind building some muscles. :) The longer you beat the butter, the fluffier it becomes. if you can stand it, 5 minutes is great. Consistency is important, too thick and you won't be able to pipe it nicely. Too soft and it will go all saggy on your cupcakes.

Caramel Filled, Chocolate Sprinkles

Filling cupcakes 
This is quite easy and elicits a pleasant surprise from those who enjoy your baking. Caramel is really yummy!! Who can say no to caramel??
The easiest way is to use an apple corer and core out a small section of the cupcake. Fill with the filling, and then reseal and the icing covers the handiwork. :) 

This is the fun part. Many baking shops have ready made decorations you can buy, of they are easy to make from plastic icing. :) Many of the shops also make little bottle of butterflies, balls and more. The most important ingredient for decorating... edible glitter! No cupcake is finished without a touch of glitter sprinkled over it. :)

The most recent set of cupcakes were kaleidoscope/multicoloured. I will blog those separately though. :)

Kaleidoscope Cupcakes, inside and out
So happy cupcaking all :)


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