Kaleidoscope Cupcakes

So my sister has been offering our baking services to the people she works with. The latest request was for a luno, multicoloured cake for a 10th Birthday. That is to be baked later today so blog post will follow. :)

We did make cupcakes last night for the little girl to take to school.

I have named these kaleidoscope cupcakes because the name is much cooler than multicoloured! hehe

Begin with the base cupcake. (Yep from a box Take a look at my blog post on "Living in the land of cupcakes" for tips on making cupcakes.) We needed to make 36 cupcakes so I used 3 boxes.

Separate your mixture into 4 or 5 bowls depending on how many colours you want.  Colour these each separately. I use the 'electric" colour gels because of the bright vibrant colour they make. 

Colourful Batter

Warning: Will most likely result in Mess

Using teaspoons, spoon 1 tsp of each colour into your cases. 5 teaspoons seemed to be enough to fill the cases, with some needing a little more batter here and there.

Any order is fine, mix and match, it doesn't matter if they come together. The colours do mesh together but remain individual colours. 

Ready for the oven

Once baked they come out as such:

baked - ready for icing

And when cut open or eaten they will resemble:

Mmmm. Taste Tester
A note on colours. Try limit the blue a little bit. Blue is generally not really considered the most inviting food colour so keep it to the minimum. 

Decorate so that the outside matches the inside. :) I used multi coloured plastic icing flowers. 

I am looking forward to making the cake tonight. Keep an eye out for that blog post. :)

Thanks for reading
Cat :)


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