A life full of free...

The title of this blog sounds more exciting than it really is... After a series of tests, I recently found out that  my life is going to be a lot more free...

Gluten and milk free that is. And actually a lot more. I am apparently intolerant no only to those two, but coffee, basil and black pepper as well. :( It has really been an adjustment and one that I am not taking to overly well. There is gluten in almost EVERYTHING. One saving grace in all this is that  I can have sour milk products such as yoghurt and cheese! YAY! 

There are substitutes available but they are just not the same :( I know that it is probably a mental thing. And can be rather $$$$$. I am slowly sifting through these products and finding out which ones are terrible, and which ones are ok. 

I have found that: 

☼ Woolworths makes awesome GF bread but it needs to be toasted

☼ Woolworths make yummy GF muffins but not yummy GF Brownies

☼ Soya milk in baking is alright - but to drink is terrible!

☼ Rye which is not totally GF tastes like cardboard.

☼ Rice flour smells like maize meal porridge.

So I am slowly adapting myself to this new lifestyle, and you will begin to see more GF posts from here.

Any suggestions will be awesome.


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