I love sushi and have been dying to try make some of my own! :) A friend came over to join in this (could have turned out disastrously) attempt and it was great. I initially had planned to use these sushi roller contraptions but it was actually much easier to use my hands. I must say that I need some practice with my rolling - need to work on getting it all tighter... but really not bad for a first attempt!

I made the rice according to the packet... and was slightly horrified when it came out looking like a maize meal porridge rather than rice, but once the vinegar sugar mix is poured through, it starts to look better!

And a trick (recommended by my friend) is to wet your fingers in the rice vinegar while working with the rice. It really helps with the stickiness!

I managed to get fresh salmon from the harbour which I was SOO chuffed about. I managed to find scallops too but that will be for another post.

So back to the salmon. The fish place assure me that it could be eaten completely raw as is from them... but I was a little skeptical and decided to sort of ceviche it. I am sure there is more to ceviche other than just acid but I know that is a key ingredient so after slicing my the salmon (rather expertly if I do say so myself)  I added some seasoning and then pretty much drowned it in lemon juice. :)

I sautéed some prawns in garlic, butter and lemon aswell.

Assembling the sushi is really simple -ish... we covered a wooden place mat with clingwrap... placed the nori on the mat... then squished some rice over that...covering most of it. Try go all the way to the side edges. Along the top, place the seafood, avo, and cucumber all in a row and roll up as  tightly as possible. :)

Was great to be able to make my own sushi and am super keen to do it again! And maybe get more adventurous with the rolling and fillings!

I also have to point out the cute sushi set that my mom gave me for Chrismas! :) 


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