Mom's Savoury Tart

  So this is something of a family recipe. My mother used to make this quite often on a saturday afternoon.  Although my version is better than my moms!!! Mom doesn't have the sophisticated palate that I was blessed with! ;)  (Sorry mom! - LOVE YOU <3)

Its easy to make and you can basically put anything into it.  We used to call it quiche - but now knowing better - it is not a quiche... My husband asked if I was making pizza... This is also not a pizza!!! So the most applicable name is really savoury tart.

The basic template for this recipe is:
  1. Puff pastry
  2. Filling
  3. Egg
  4. Cheese

Ok - so let me explain further...

Lay the puff pastry onto your baking tray. The pastry needs to be spread with some sort of yummy basting. You could choose something traditional like tomato (yes - sort of like a pizza) or chutney... In my case I used a basil pesto dressing.  Its a good idea to score (Fancy name for slicing lines through) the pastry. It helps the pastry cook better.

Step 2 - Filling. This is where you have the creative licence to try combinations of things you like. I used chicken, bacon, onions, garlic, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes...with a balsamic reduction. 

In the pan... little bit of oil ( I use streaky bacon so there is quite a lot of fat which renders so you don't need a lot)... sautee the onions and garlic a bit.

 Add in the chicken and bacon. The bacon adds a nice smokey flavour (because what isn't good with a bit of bacon lol) and brown this nicely. At this stage I add the balsamic vinegar. Since its an acid it helps to deglaze the pan a bit. (Another fancy term - it means it helps clean the bottom of the pan which has bits of the bacon and chicken from frying.) Deglazing is good because those little bits at the bottom of the pan have tons of flavour. 

Add the mushrooms and halved cherry tomatoes and let them cook till ready. 

Its important to strain the mixture since there is a fair amount of liquid in the mixture - and this will create soggy pastry! :(

Once the filling has been nicely distributed onto your pastry base - beat some egg to pour over... And so you say - look - there's egg in this - that must make it a quiche?? Well I disagree... Quiche is more egg than filling... The role of the egg here is to really keep all the filling together so it doesn't fall apart when you eat it. I used 3 eggs for the whole tray.

After that give it a light sprinkle of cheese. So it has cheese - doesn't that make it a pizza I hear you interject?? No... I disagree - this is not a pizza since pizza isn't really made with puff pastry and though that has been used before as a base - pizza has a lot more cheese and NO egg at all. (this has a little)

So now that you have seen how this yummy dish has been made you will agree with me that the best name for this tempting fare is... Mom's Savoury Tart..



  1. My darling Catherine - Never mind it being Mom's
    savoury tart, it actually stems from Grandpa Ed many
    many years ago!! He even used to put cold, left over
    chicken into it, along with the bcon ....
    Your version sounds delightfully yummy too xxx


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