Bran Muffins :)

Salutations again fellow foodie friends...

So this post is not that exciting... and not such culinary masterpieces but I feel that this post could be helpful to maybe a few people who read this?

So Bran Muffins... while surrounded by the more tantilizing and maybe more exciting fellows such as choc chip, blue berry (and my personal favourite) cappuccino... this little guy can sometimes be overlooked?? I do feel however that the bran muffin can hold his own in a competition of muffins and especially using my secret weapons! lol

These muffins were made from a premix (preference being for golden cloud brand btw)... but what I want to share is about the extras I add that make the muffin better!

Many people add raisins to their bran muffins for some natural sweetness. This is great - but why not up the ante?? How about... grated carrot?? (Gasp) and grated apple??? (Shriek). Maybe a tablespoon or two of honey??? Chopped nuts?? (Shock horror). Hehe... lol... The choice is yours. The added carrot or other fruit helps keep the muffins moist as well as the goodness and flavour they bring to the party. My sister has added orange to hers which were nice and -something I imaging Jamie Oliver uses a lot - zesty... 

Bran muffins really make an excellent option for either breakfast... or perhaps even a 10am snack with your tea??

So thats it for this post... just wanted to give you something to think about and maybe when next you are in the supermarket in the baking aisle... you might consider bran over choc chip...  It could happen!!! Stranger things have happened!

Cat :)


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