Almost Forgotten Birthday Cake

So you might have seen the post on my birthday cake? The one my sister made me?? It was a pretty awesome cake - thoughtfully decorated and really good to eat too?? That was made for me by my sister... with love and care. And now... 2 months later - it's her birthday and its my turn to pour my love and appreciation into a celebratory confection... well that was the plan!...

BTW - Let the record stand... I am a scatterbrain - I am so forgetful my mother has often expressed her suprise that I manage to remember my own name.

So its the weekend and my sister is visiting as she usually does... and oh so casually mentions the topic of her birthday cake. I thought I cleverly hid my initial confusion with an " of course Im making you a  cake megs!". She is a clever one and immediately outed me! LOL afterwhich proceeded to let me know exactly what type of cake she wanted. Chocolate and Vanilla too!! (74 hours till blowing of candles)

On tuesday - the day before the birthday celebration - I happen to be at home all day on marking leave... a day where I am home bound in order to make exam scripts...when I potentially had many hours on hand for baking! But.... ummm....  (+/-30 hours till blowing of candles)

So Wednesday morning I wake up... and just as Im running out of the door for work... It hits me!!! I FORGOT TO MAKE THE CAKE!!! and Megs was coming over after work before supper for cake and presents! OH NO! (9 1/2 hours  till blowing of candles)

So I get to work - and it is as if Megs knows.... The first whatsapp of the day... "So did you make me a cake"
Dodge the question...
asks again... "So what cake did you make me"
...ummm - the one you wanted????....

At lunch time - as if on a cooking show with a count down time limit since I only get an hour lunch... - I race to the shops (yes - it was a box cake!!!!!) and back home and made the bases on the chocolate and vanilla cake! I even managed to make cupcakes! :) and whip them out the oven with just enough time to get back to work! (4 hours till blowing of candles)

At 16h30 I race out the door when I get an idea to ice the cake... (which up untill then I had no clue!) and once again - dash to the shops as if my life depends on it. And actually those who have met my sister will know... getting on my sisters bad side is a bit of a life and death situaion!

At the 5 minutes till blowing out the candles mark.... I added the last touch to the cake...  phew! :) 

And I must say I was rather proud of the results. I told Megs later when I confessed the whole saga... that it probably counted in her favour that I almost forgot - because the guilt acted as a driver to make the cake that much more spectacular! haha  :)

So... the cake was a chocolate and vanilla box mix - again - I prefer the golden cloud brand best. I Iced the cake with regular butter cream icing. The glamour was added with kitkats pressed into the side on the cake. :) I crushed the remaining kitkat fingers and sprinkled it onto the top of the cake and the cupcakes.


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