Ravioli - Take 1

Just like Edison... I have not failed - I have just found a way NOT to make raviolI! :) HAHA

So I would say that this was not at all a bad attempt at making ravioli :) It had the makings to be great and boy will it be so next time.

The first little hiccup was with the dough. This is the 3rd time I am making pasta dough... and I would have hoped to have perfected the recipe by now...but..not so much. The thing was... that we had these ginormous eggs from a farm that my father-in-law had procured and I wasn't sure the quantities... how many regular eggs to 1 freak egg. So I think in my calculating - yes - I actually got my calculator out to try figure the quantities out, I might have misjudged the amount of egg. I realised the dough was a little dry when kneading it, and did try to add water, but in my experience that doesnt really work - I find it needs to be added to the food processor stage.

So with my slightly dry dough... little cracks and tears formed when I tried to make the ravioli... and also - they weren't exactly sealed 100%... So when boiling... water got into the parcels and some of the filling leaked out... not pretty!

I did taste some complete - not opened parcels - and they were good! Making the disappointment of what they could have been that much greater.

BUT - that did not get me down - we managed to selvage what was left of the filling, turned the rest of the dough to taglietelle and ended up with a semi decent dinner. It was just a bit odd since the filling has been  blitzed in the food processor to make it easier for filling the parcels - so that was a bit odd with the taglietelle... but the taste was there! :)

I did try this cool idea though with the pasta. I saw it on MKR S3 i think. This team used herb leaves in the dough before rolling...to add a pattern to the pasta. I used basil leaves and it was so cool. :)

So - all in all for this "how not to make ravioli"  I have some ideas to try for next time... so will keep you posted.


  1. So funny! I love the leaf pattern thing- also saw it on MKR 3 :) I hope you get it right next time! So sad I can't come help eat the mistakes - and don't even count on me cooking when you come to visit! ;) x

  2. thanks jess :) ill have to post you so some!

  3. thanks jess :) ill have to post you so some!


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