Peek-a-boo Battenburg

So as my readers will know  - one of the many obessessionary cooking shows is called the great british bake off. Now imagine my delight when I turn on the telly (we have to be british since it is the great british bake off....) and bobs your uncle - its on! :) And to top it all off... how chuffed I was to see that it was in fact... a master class. That means that the two judges show you step by step how to make some of the goodies on their show.

Mary Berry made a battenberg cake which is traditionally square and once cut, one should be able to see the pink and white checkerboard effect. The cake on the show was a coffee and walnut variety and did look rather scruptious and I decided I would give it a bash. ( I seem to be switching from formal lady grantham to kitchen maid daisy in my writing - reference to another british classic). 

Anyhoo... when looking for the recipe - I found an interesting take on the checkerboard effect but in a round cake. This blog details my attempt.

There is no recipe here... because... i used a box mix (Gor Blimey). I recommend the golden cloud mix... not because of the awesome endorsement deal I have with them (LOL) but because they are the cheapest and you get a pack of icing mix with the cake mix. :)

I made a chocolate and a vanilla.

My first mistake - and this is such daft mistake really - was to try pry the cake out of its tin before it was propperly cooled. so it um... sort of fell apart. This does seem to happen rather often with my chocolate cakes... hmmm... 

well getting on with it...  this is what you're supposed to do.
  • you have the 4 cakes (each box makes to pan cakes)
  • Cut a 6cm diameter circle out of the centre of each sponge  
  • Then cut a 12cm diameter circle from the centre of each sponge 
  • swap all the colours so the rings and centres are all mismatched
  • use icing to sandwich all the layers together

Because my cake was so fally-aparty... I only managed to cut out 1 cirle! :(


The cake is supposed to have marzipan over it. The recipe used ground almonds so the marzipan will complement the cake well. I dont do marzipan and would have used fondant or plastic icing... but just iced it with butter cream. It was a beastly affair trying to ice over all the falling off bits of cake - but I managed in the end! 

And its the taste that counts - not the fact that the cake falls about on your plate!


So here is the link to recipe and the instructions... this was my inspiration - but you'll notice that I didn't really follow the advice! hehe 

This is what the cake was supposed to look like... sort of...

 well toodledo till next time. :)



  1. My darling Catherine, despite a few hiccups
    your Battenburg cake looks YUMMY!
    Well done xxx Gran

  2. I would say i like the ole daisy, and so i like your cake dear Cat. As far as I'm concerned it came out pretty close to the 'real' thing....i dare say their pic was "Photoshopped"... . i enjoyed reading your blog BTW


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