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So just a heads up - this blog update is more of just a chat... so if you're not up to a random chat - I won't be offended if you stop reading now. :)

So I have found my new favourite magazine!!! :) 

I used to joke that you know you're getting old when you stop buying the cosmo in favour of the fair lady :) LOL!  And of course another nail in the proverbial coffin - according to my youger sister - was the switch from "juicy" spirit coolers to the (in my opinion) more classic G&T. haha. 

Anyway - getting to the point. I began to favour the Fair Lady because of the recipes in the back... honestly paying little attention to the other stuff they write in it. :) And now - not sure why I never bought it before... but I have discovered the Food and Home. :)

This lovely lady I know suggested I buy the magazine after we had chatted about the apparent appeal of pumpkin pie. (I dont understand it??). And so - as you can guess - this months edition has a recipe for just such a pie. More on that in a bit...

So I love browsing through the magazine - which for an added bonus... a "but wait...there's more' came with a free recipe book too! :) I love free stuff!!! I can't believe that this is the magazine I have been waiting for. :) I know I am being rather dramatic but hey. :) Even if some of the recipe's don't appeal to me... (too many veges most likely), the pictures are still nice to look at!. :)

And the recipe book is pretty cool too. It is a royal baking powder sponsored recipe book. So as you can guess...every recipe has baking powder in it somewhere. Yep! lol - in hamburgers and peanut crusted chicken strips! Who would have thought???  The first recipe I tried was for a chicken and leak pie. (this will be posted soon!). I did try to find leaks! (honest!) but they shop didnt have any so settled for lots of carrot! :) The baking powder was in the short crust pastry I made for the pies. :) But more of that in the next post.

So thats the bit about the awesomeness of the magazine... and now onto the pumpkin pie...

I had a look at the recipe and the ingredients lend some insight on why the Americans love it so much! The amount of sugar in this thing is ridiculous.! It must be so sweet that the sugar level takes away all taste and nutrition from the actual pumpkin. And seeing that pumpkin is one of the few veges I actually enjoy - this seems like such a waste. And especially since they have pumpkin in a tin?? How wholesome is that?? but seriously - the recipe calls for... wait for it... honey... treacle sugar, treacle syrup... and if that wasnt enought to start some cavities in your teeth?? You still need to ad a tin of caramel?????? I mean really??? 

So initially I was keen to try this pie thing... but after all of that I think I might prefer my pumpkin simply roasted in a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg! 

So anyway - thanks for the chat! :) Will post about the pies soon! :)


Cat :)


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