Homemade Pasta


 So I got this awesome pasta roller for my birthday and was super excited to try it! Again - from my vast experience with cooking shows and youtube videos... I tought I could "smash it"! (this is a MKR reference btw for those who are going "huh")

I am fortunate enough to own an awesome food processor and many of the recipes I googled used said awesome appliance for the first part of the pasta. I However wanted to do it by hand... accomplishing and developing skills and all that! So as per the pics ... you start with the flour and eggs... The gradually beat te eggs, adding in little bits of flour untill all the flour is combined and the dough starts to form... after that, it needs to be kneaded for about 5 min.

Ok... So my dough in this picture might look good... BUT... the inside of my dustbin is the only sight worthy of this dough... I don't know what happened??? I mixed and kneaded and the pastry was waay to dry and crumbly. One recipe said that if this happened, you could add some lukewarm water... which I did... But I don't know...even after kneading for over 10 min... this dough just wasn't right??? So I ditched it... and lol... got out the food processor. hehe

Once the dough had rested for about an hour or so... or maybe longer (I had to go out and get ingredients for the sauce) I got to attempt the rolling! YAY!    Its not as difficult as expected. You can manage with 1 person quite fine... I think if you want LOOOONG strips of pasta you would need another person to help pull out the pasta as it passes through the rollers, but I made my sheets rather medium sizish... and it was fine. 
So according to Jamie Oliver - when rolling pasta, you should put the dough throught the widest setting first... fold in half and repeat a couple of times before moving the rollers closer. This makes the pastry silky... um... ok - if you say so! I have no idea so I followed the advice. Who am I to argue! :)
For this attempt I decide to try tagliatelle by cutting it myself. My awesome roller did come with a cutter attachement... but... baby steps! Don't want to try everything at once - need to pace the excitement out! :) hehe

The boiling was a bit odd. It looked a bit funny in the water... and I wasn't sure how long I should boil it... The internet said about 6 minutes... But when I put the pasta into the boiling water, it stopped boiling... and when 6 minutes were up it hadn't come back up to the boil. The pasta was in the water for about 11min in total and I think in the end it was JUST overdone...so will work on that next time!

When I tried the pasta... I realised just how much salt and preservative is in store bought pasta... Home made is completely different. It is rather bland and a bit funny tasting on its own.... But add the sauce and wow!!! So good. It is so soft and silky! (I assume thats the word since Jamie said mine would be if I followed his instructions! hehe) But really! It was good!
 My sauce was rather yummy!! We went vege pasta... Spinach - blitzed through the food processor, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and ideal milk... :) mmmm and of course - sprinkled with freshly grated parmesan!! (DELICIOUSNESS)

So all in all! A success! I am keen to try other types of pasta and you can be sure they wiill make an appearance on this blog!

Thank you to all who contributed to this great present!!! you rock!!


  1. :) well written Cat ur quite funny..."who am i to argue"

    and well done on your pasta....i smell come dine with me south africa coming soon :)


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