Creating the delightful from the inedible

As with many women in this world... I am perpetually on a "diet"... But when think about wholewheat, brown rice & lentils, rice cakes, vegetable... I shudder! urghh! Im not a fan! Personally I think rice cakes have a strong resemblance to those polystyrene balls... But since almost every diet/eatingplan... advcates the things... I've had my fair share of experience with these plastic torture devices! 

One day, I had a stroke of genius! :) Why not try and toast them! :) You have to watch them closely because they burn quickly... and because they are so light - they do tent to polevault out of the toaster in somersaults!
But the whole point to this post is... (eventually) that I uncovered a revelation. Once you toast these rice cakes, they transform into something edible. More than that even, they become rather tasty... 


Now THAT... I can do. Spread with (as per the picture) salmon cream cheese... They were a good snack to have... and since im "weight-watch"ing at the moment, 3 rice cakes are only 1 point! Bonus!!!


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