Condensed Milk Choc Chip Biscuits/Cookies

Condensed milk biscuits are linked to my childhood and bring back such awesome memories. We were living in Buluwayo, and the cleaning lady who worked for us at the time used to make these biscuits for my sister and me all the time. They were sooooo good - The batch wouldn't last too long!

The thing with these biscuits though is that they were soft in the middle and were super chewy! This is something quite rare in the biscuit world I have found... I have been searching for years to find a recipe that came close to the chewy munchies from my memories. And there have been many!!! And all the biscuits I have made have a crunch... a crack.. and crumble easily... Don't get me wrong... that is usually a good quality in a biscuit... just not for me! Not for this biscuit!

And... at long last - I think I have found the closest I ever will get! I came across a blog with a recipe for condensed milk choc chip cookies. (It seems like everybody has a blog these days... hehe cough cough)

If you are keen to see the recipe for these cookies/biscuits... please go have a look at the blog! :) Its a good one... and owner of this blog has the CUTEST pooch!

I don't know about everyone else - but raw cookie batter is so good... :) Whether peanut butter, chocolate... no matter the flavour, the dough is always good. The tough part is holding back so I don't eat all the batter before I have actually made any biscuits. hehe 

I orginally wanted to use the new cookie cutter my mom sent over the ocean for me - she lives far far away :( - but the batter was too sticky!

I eventually settled for regular shaped biscuits. :)

Once they came out of the oven I could barely wait for it too cool enough so I didn't burn my tongue!!!! LOL

And they hit home!!!!! Chewy condensed milky perfection... with the added plus of little pockets of chocolate in each bite!! I think this recipe kicked my old favourites up a notch!! :) Thanks butter baking!! :)



  1. Yumo!!! Need to try these ASAP!

    1. They were so yummy!!! I think I put on a few kilos since I almost polished off the whole batch! :) Couldnt stop myself!


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