Chocolate Cola Cake

This is one of my favourite recipes :)  I have a cookbook written by one of my favourite fiction authors... fiction author you say??? Yep! She published a cakes and dessert book and I love it! :) I will do a blog about her book sometime soon!!

But in the meantime - back to the cola cake!

This cake is a sheet cake and is sooo chocolaty and gooey! There is an icing that goes on top which acts more like a glaze rather than an icing! It sort of seeps into the cake to add that extra moisture :)

The ingredients:
  • 225g Butter at room temperature
  • 200g brown soft sugar
  • 2 tsp vanilla essence
  • 250ml cola
  • 125ml buttermilk
  • 250g self raising flour
  • 30g cocoa
  • 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • 200 g mini marshmallows

I can never find mini marshmallows and the regular ones come in a packet of 150g which is fine. :) They do have to be chopped or cut up though. This can be challenging since the knife and or scissors get sticky quite quickly...

  • Start by getting out 2 bowls and a jug.
  • In the jug add the cola and the buttermilk and set aside
  • In the bowl, sift the flour, cocoa and bicarb and set aside.
  • In the second bowl, cream the butter and the sugar until light
  • Add the eggs and vanilla and mix for a bit.
  • The slowly add the flour mixture and the cola mixture bit by bit alternating. 
  • Once all mixed - add the marshallows and try get them to be distributed evenly. (as much as possible).
  • Pour into a pyrex or oven proof dish and bake for about 35 minutes in a 180 degree oven.

Once cooked and cooled - now comes the icing.

  • 90ml cola
  • 110g butter
  • 3 tablespoons cocoa 
  • 250g icing sugar sifted

Melt butter, cola and cocoa in a pot until bubbling. Sift in the icing sugar and whisk till all combined and thick.

Make sure the cake is cooled before pouring over the icing! Otherwise it sinks in the middle! LOL. My father-in-law asked whether I had used flat cola in the cake when he saw the caved centre.  hehe

It is such an awesome cake! I took 2 of these cakes to work for birthday cake... and it was flattened!!! :)



  1. ow i had this when you brot it to work was yummy (thats a lot from a savoury sorta guy).

    uhm a bit rich i thot, maybe its my un-schooled savoury taste buds...

  2. LOL... it is rather rich - it goes really well with Ice cream - but I couldnt really bring ice cream to work! :)


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