Chicken Schnitzel

So I love chicken schnitzel... smothered in a cheese and mushroom sauce! Sigh of content!! Sadly my waistline can't handle the cheese and mushroom sauce all the time! :(

I have never before made the schnitzels myself, I usually buy them pre processed! After this... I will never buy again! It was so easy and turned out so well!

So upon internet perusal, I decided that I would let good old Martha Stewart be my guide. :)

The process is simple. Take a skinless, boneless chicken breasts... and then the fun part - wacking the heck out of it to tenderise it! :)

 Once tenderised, the fillet gets dipped in flour, then egg, then crumbs. 

The flavour comes in 2 stages. I added garlic and an italian herb mix to the egg mixture, and added grated parmesan to the crumbs. :)

These were pan fried and served with potato gratin! :) (potato bake)



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