Twice baked chicken

My evening really was so much fun - along with the disaster of the phyllo pastry (Check out my disaster in phyllo post)... I also managed to come across a hurdle with my chicken poaching?

I have seen it a couple of times on the numerous cooking shows I watch and wanted to try it. I had a few small chicken breasts left over from dinner and was going to cook them to make lunch for the next day. I usually tenderise - aka beat the hell out off - the chicken and lightly fry it. I though I would attempt poaching.

I marinaded the chicken in a mix of lemon juice, chicken spice, and Ina Paarmans rosemary and olive spice. The breasts were placed on a sheet of clingwrap. Rolled and wrapped.

Upon research - you should apparently not boil chicken... it will go tough. Rather, bring the water to boil, then reduce heat and let the chicken 'steep'. 

I don't think my water was hot enough because even after 30min - the chicken still wasn't done.


At this stage - my phyllo disaster was in the oven - so I popped the chicken in there...

It cooked - but was now a little dry. Although - that is something a little mayo can fix when used in a sandwhich.


I shared said sandwhich with a colleague and despite the hurdles with the poaching... the sandwich was good :) 

And saying that - it deserved a better title then failed poached chicken... and we both - at the same time - came up with...



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