Savoury Baklava

So I subscribe to these recipe email spam things. Many of them I just delete but everynow and then I get a good one. Savoury Baklava. mmmm 

So for those who aren't familiar with the sticky goodness of traditional baklava... it is a greek dessert made with layered phyllo pastry, lots of syrup and nuts. :) its good!!!

So this meal then uses the same idea of the layers of phyllo, but instead of nuts and syrup - which for the record I would totally have for supper - the recipe sandwiches spinach, feta and olives inbetween.

Im not olive-y... so I ditched those and added mushrooms (did think I wouln't) and bacon.

So once all the ingredients are fried up they get sprinkled with a sachet of vege bake to absorb the liquid. This is to try prevent - as much as possible - the phyllo from getting soggy.  I had to strain mine also... could have been the spinach and mushroooms??

So then the layering begins. 2 layers of pastry - thin smidgen of filling - more pastry - more filling. The idea is really spread the filling as thin as possible so that you can create lots of crisp layers. :) between the layers, its good to brush the pastry with melted butter. This helps to crispin the pastry.

This gets baked in the oven for about half an hour.

I was initially contemplating to go vege and leave the bacon, rather adding roasted butternut. I didnt for fear it would be too mushy and ruin the texture... I think I should have.  We had it as a side and it complemented the meal so well.

For some reason - could have been the feta, bacon, vege bake or all of the above - but the pie was a bit salty at first. Paired with the butternut it was DIVIIIIINEEE!  So perhaps next time I will add the butterut.

I cubed the butternut really small and baked in a 180 degree oven for about 40 min. mmmmmm.... it was soft and not too mushy... some of the bottom had "burnt" a bit but really it just caremelises the base! :) yummy! I added cinnamon, nutmeg and salt and pepper before baking!!

All in all a delicous meal full of veges! carefully hidden and disguised in yumminess so that even I ate them!


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