Mini Beef Wellingtons

I have attempted beef wellington before, with a big size fillet and then to be slices. The last time I made it I followed Ina Paarmans technique. If you visit her website you can check out her video. :) 

Watching MKR - one of the teams did individual wellingtons and I decided to give it a try. :)

I followed Gordon Ramseys recipe...

Umm... so I didnt use fillet, I decided to go with Rump... not sure how it influence the wellington really but I thought it turned out great. 

I blended the mushrooms - and I added onions... and sherry :) - and then added it to a dry pan. You don't want to add oil or anything because then you add liquid ultimately but we need to cook out ALL the liquid so that the pastry doesnt go soggy...

The beef should be sealed. I might have not sealed the cuts that well... Im not sure if they needed to be more browned than they were??  Once mushrooms and steaks are prepped... time to assemble.

I havent yet ever used cling wrap to roll anything? I've seen people use it to roll roulardes and things and it looks a little complicated. I tried it today... sort of... with the beef. You lay the parma ham on cling wrap... spread a small smeer of mushroom mush onto that, then place the beef. Wrap the parma and mushroom mush around the beef. The cling wrap does sort of work quite well. Its difficult to explain - I would suggest you-tub-ing it... but you sort of lift the one side of the cling to cover the beef and then roll it over so the other side is covered.

Once covered in parma and mush, place on the top end of the pastry square - big enough to wrap the beef  - and roll it up - or cover it. Try different ways with the beef and see which way works best. Dont try and wrap the pastry, ham and mushroom mush at once... I tried it - doesn't work so well! :)

You will need egg wash painted on the inside to help the pastry stick together.
Once all wrapped, brush the top of the parcel with egg wash to help the top get a nice golden colour. I used to just beat up a whole egg but Mr Ramsey suggests just using the yolk... I have to agree with him... the colour is nice and yellow and makes a better "browning" effect. It is a bit wasteful I suppose because you have to use more eggs since you don't use the whites... but... if you want the superior colour...

It goes in the oven for 40 min at 200 deg. :)

I served this with sauteéd potatoes. :)  - suggested by Gordon in his recipe. Par boil the potatoes and then sauteé in some oil. I was quite liberal with the potato spice and the rosemary and garlic spice while sauteé-ing and it was goood! I will admit... but only once... that  some of the potatoes were undercooked... and shame - my poor husband seemed to end up with many of the underdone ones! :( Sorry love!

So all in all - I loved this lunch!  

My sister loved it to - and believe me she would not hesitate to tell me it was awful!  

My Husband was not the biggest fan... but said it was alright - my father-in-law loved it!!! 

Have a go at it and let me know what you all thought??



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