Flapjacks :)

So we had a baby shower for one of my colleagues last week. Im sure you can tell by the pink coconut she is having a little girl. :) 

We all clubbed in for presents and snacks and I decided on flapjacks.

I was supposed to make mini donuts, but then last minute I changed my mind and decided to make flapjacks. :) My sister and I used to make flapjacks all the time. They are one of those things that when I think of them, I remember feelings of home, family and good times. 

It was quite interesting to see how people like to eat their flapjacks. :)

  • They are good with the traditional cream and jam.
  • I love them with just a bit of butter and lemon juice (thats all we used to have in the cupboard sometimes lol)
  • My inlaws eat them with butter and cinnamon and sugar
  • And some of my work colleagues just ate them plain.
Anyhoo... I provided them with cream and jam. :) I added a touch of vanilla to add a bit of flavour to the cream without having to add sugar. I must say it was quite good. :)

If you want a recipe for the flapjacks... click on the link below...

This baby shower was a haven of sugary goodness with so many yummy treats made.

Alisha's pretty pink cupcakes. These were chocolate covered with marshmallows on top... But my favourite part.... they were PINK on the inside. :)

Ilza's marshmallow delights. Who knew that such a 'technically' simple treat would deliver such a joy! :) These were so popular. We had been eyeing them out all day so by the time the baby shower came, they were practically devoured in 5 seconds flat. :) To make these, simply skewer 3 marshmallows on a sosati stick thing, dip into melted chocoalte and coat with chopped nuts or 'hundreds and thousands'.

NOTE - careful not to used salted nuts.

Alisha's coconut ice looked delicious. Unfortunately I cannot tell you how awesome they tasted since Im not a fan of coconut...  But you can take the fact that there were none left over as testiment enough!! :)

The only downside to all of this is that my productivity levels after this were shot to hell so for the last hour I was supposed to be working after the baby shower was...


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