DISASTER in phyllo

 Oh wow - don't be fooled by how good this picture looks!!! looks are totally deceiving!!! This is not the delicious phyllo dessert, rather a sticky, chewy, hardened goo of mess that destroyed what could have been something delicious!!

So it started off with the left over phyllo from the savoury baklava... I didn't want to throw the pastry away and I know if I freeze it, I will end up doing just that... so looking around the kitchen for something to put inside the pastry... (baring in mind that we are at the 'end of the month salticrax' stage of our paycheck) and all I really had were apples. I found a recipe for a baklava and decided to use it and sort of adapt it to what I wanted.

I started with the apples, I cut them really small so that they could cook on their own in the oven and wouldnt need pre-cooking. Heated some honey and cinnamon in a pan, and tossed the apples through. I then layered the apples and phyllo in the same way as the savoury version - 2 layers pastry - thin layer apples - thin layer pastry - etc...

Before placing in a 180 degree oven, cut the tart into squares... this is because you drown it in syrup once out of the oven. 


It bakes in the oven for 50 min or so till nice and brown.

The recipe then explains the syrup. I personally feel that it could have explained it a little better...how the end result should have been.... BUT... In a moment that was honestly not one of my finest...I changed the ingredients... I didnt have white sugar (End of the month salticrax) but had some brown sugar and decided just to substitute...dum dum dum...

I need to research my sugars and toffees but I was informed today that the different sugar dictated the difference between syrup and toffee!!!! I am sure you can all guess which one mine concoction turned out to be????

 While we are on the topic of disasters... let me share with you my pearls of wisdom. For those who aren't familiar with sugar... SUGAR IS FRIGGIN' HOT!!!!
I accidentally dropped a single drop of hot sugar onto my toe while moving the pot.... instant blister!!! Im not even being dramatic! It really did. It hurt like crazy! But somehow - in all my cleverness - decided to taste said pot of HOT sugar!!! and... as you can imagine... burnt my tongue!!

So while I try not to think of my throbbing toe, I patiently wait for the tart to cool. Eventually it does and...

It was such a mess... the syrup had cooled into toffee and I could barely try and pry a piece away! I managed to try some of the bottom layers that had thanfully escaped the toffee horror and it was good!!!  If only!! Becautiful cinnamonny apply pastry! RUINED!!!



  1. Oh no!! What a waste! But this was a valuable lesson learned ;) I can't wait to have my own kitchen again and do some baking :)


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