Beef wraps

The Beef Wraps I made the other day were soooo good! And So simple.

I marinated a cut of beef rump for about half an hour - and then grilled it on my griddle pan until it was medium - ish! Im still working on my meat skills.

The rest is easy-peasy - simply line the wrap (slightly to the one side - not down the centre) with lettuce, tomato, feta... or anything else you want in the wrap... I added balsamic mushrooms and onion too!

And then roll. Its easier when the toppings are to the one side of the wrap  - and don't be tempted to overfill it. As awesome as it would be to have a jam packed wrap, trust me, it only ends badly when all the yummy stuff falls out. Rather go for 2 wraps! :)

Start with the one end where the toppings are - start the roll by folding over the edge of the wrap and tuck it under the filling as best you can. The slowly roll it over to the 'empty' end. Try keep it as tight as possible to get a nice round roll...

...and voila! :)


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