Valentine’s Cookies

So Valentine’s day is a bit of an odd day. For some, its a crazy day where you go all out to make the day completely romantic for your loved one. My dad’s philosophy is that valentine’s day is for secret admirers and since my mom is not is SECRET admirer she doesnt need anything! haha!
For me… Last week while shopping… I added my own valentines gift to the trolley and just informed my husband that it was his gift for me! LOL! :)
For people at work, I made cookies.

For my friend at work who is Vegan, I managed to find a a recipe. Didnt think I would since there are so many non vegan ingredients in normal biscuits.
These were dipped in red glace icing.
To check out the recipe, please click on the link below.

 I made soet cookies for everyone else.

For soet cookies:
  • 250g Butter or margarine – room temperature
  • 600g 750ml Sugar
  • 5 Eggs – large
  • 825g 6x250ml Cake flour – measured unsifted
  • 30 ml Baking Powder
  • 10 ml Nutmeg (I added about ml of cinnamon and ml of all spice too)
  • 2 ml Salt

So when making this dough… I decided to double the recipe so there would be enough cookies…. BUT – read through those ingredients again! YEP – i ended up having to use over a kilogram of flour and sugar! hahah! Ended up with SOOO much dough!

 After resting for an hour or so, the dough gets rolled out and cut into hearts

Pop these onto some baking paper onto a baking tray. PLEASE NOTE! Buy propper baking paper.. I always thought wax paper was the same thing… ITS NOT! believe me! hehe
By using baking paper, it is easier to to make multiple batches. I only have space for 1 tray in the oven so it was simple enough to quickly pop off the baking paper of baked biscuits onto cooking racks and slide a fresh one of cookies onto the tray to bake.

10 min in the oven at 220 and voila...

I got tired of making hearts and switched to an easier way of pressing them out. :)

Once cooled they were dipped in melted and coloured cholocate.
Fun moment… When I was melting the chocolate… clever me… left the room for a bit to come back to find a brown lump of burn chocolate in my bowl. It tasted ok… and i thought – caramelised sugar and just stirred it in…. lol! it was horribly lump but nothing a strainer couldnt fix….

Coloured pink with powdered colourant…. pink goodness!



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