Un Gateau du Couleurs

 A friend of mine was invited to visit and I wanted to make a cake for the tea party! One of the few of my friends who actually drinks tea whe she comes over, I’m excited at the thought of being able to use my tea set! I love my tea cups and love it when I get to have a propper tea party!

I have wanted to make a rainbow cake for a while now and this was the perfect opportunity! I will admit… yes – here comes a confession – this is a box cake mix! And I say that with NO SHAME! :) I have some awesome colourings and had to decide which to use. I have used blue in cupcakes before and strongly reccomend against it! They don’t look that appetising!!!! I was thinking of green but wasnt sure how it would compement the rest of the colours… (Art is not my forte!)


The cakes were reletively simple…. just follow the instructions on the box! lol…. then all you do is split the batter into 4 and then add colour to each section. I used powdered colouring, I find them far nice to use than the liquid store bought varieties. Its worth it to visit a baking shop for your colourants. Powders are better for plastics icing too! :)
The layering was interesting. I won’t be able to hide it since you’ll all see in the pics, but the orange layer had an oopsy…. and I want to leave no dout that I am but a mere home baker!! No allussions are grandure – hehe
When the orange and purple layers were done… I tested the purple one with a toothpick since it was in the front of the oven and it was done… I took the cakes out of the oven, turned them out onto a cooling rack… only to find that the orange one was dripping half cooked batter! OH NO! I quickly flung it back in the pan and back into the oven, but there was no covering the crater of missng cake! lol! hehe

The layering was fun! Iced a cake with buttercream icing which I actually haven’t used in a while. I got to use a new set of icing gear which was cool! And I got to use the rice paper and pens with edible ink I’ve been meaning to try! :) And I love both!

Obviously the proof of the pudding – or cake – lol – is in the cutting! And having looked forward to it all day in anticipation, I was incredibly happy with the result! Yay!

And so, the rainbow cake and earl grey tea, served in a polka dot tea set turned out to be a most pleasing afternoon tea!! :) 

Don't have a look at the state of my kitchen afterwards lol! :)



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