Risotto :)

Have you ever eaten risotto??? So this is my first attempt at risotto. Risotto is one of those things that you always see on shows like hells kitchen and in facy sort of restaurants. Its an italian dish and is made from a special type of rice grain.

I’ve tried it once before but it was incredibly stody!!! and rather unpleasant… but if all the fancy people eat it, I thought it deserved a second chance. It does have a different sort of texture… It gets stody quickly because it keeps absorbing liquid even after you’ve stopped cooking. The actual rice, according to the experts, should be slightly aldente… which according to my husband is raw?? I like it with a little bit of “crunch/chewyness” with a soft outside which in my opinion was right. I think in all the restaurants, they add one last little bit of stock to their risotto just before it is served to limit the stodge!
On a shopping expedition to Woolies, I found a sort of a risotto kit and thought that it was an awesome idea for a first attempt. It was a mushroom risotto which is perfect for me since I would happily put mushrooms into everthing if I could.

I must say though – if anyone who reads this and is thinking of attempting box kit risott….DONT!!!!  Without sounding arrogant, if a person with less cooking knowledge (and i say knowledge not skill lol) This dish would have been awful! The box instructions were wrong!!!!!
To start of the risotto you fry off the rice in butter or olive oil. The box said for olive oil, I think I would have used butter. This is to sort of seal the rice so that it does not release too much of its start/ absorb liquid too fast.

The next step is to add liquid.  Risotto should be made with spoonfuls of stock at a time. The instructions were incorrect in that they said to add the flavour powder to water…. just water, not boiling water.  If you use cold or room temp water you are going to kill all the heat in the pan!!!! and the flavour powder probably won’t dissolve. Second mistake… they say to add all the liquid at once

The flavour of the risotto was disappointing. The flavouring supplied in the box was little more than glorified mushroom soup! :( and for Woolies! NOT GOOD!

The rest of my meal was great. A bit of rump steak with a red wine and mushroom pan sauce. That I must say was delish! To make the pan sauce, I fried up the mushrooms in a garlic, butter and seasoning. Added to that a bit of red wine. It has been said that you should never cook with a wine you would never drink. I agree with this otherwise the crappiness of the wine will be in your food!!!


Overall the meal was ok… I am glad I attempted the risotto and am keen to make it from scratch next, I have a pack of risotto rice in the cupboard. I have found a recipe for pumpkin risotto… so watch this space!!!


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