Peppermint tart

I have eaten this dessert many many times but never made it before?? I don’t know why because it is super easy!!!!
All it takes is:
  • 1 box of orly whip – both sachets
  • 1 tin or caramel
  • a bit of castor sugar to sweeten – just a bit
  • 2 packets of tennis biscuits
  • 1 large slab of nestle peppermint crisp
To start you beat the orly whip until stiff. Just note though that it will not stiffen to the same degree that cream does. :) Add the tin of caramel and mix some more untill all blended. Set aside and grate the big slab of mint! Put about 2/3 of it in the cream mixture but leave some for the top.

The next part it fun. Find a squarish container and smeer a little tiny bit of the cream mixture on the bottom. Not a lot, we just need a little to keep the biscuits from sliding all over the place. After you have covered the bottom with a layer of biscuits, dollop a heap of cream on top. About half… Spread it out evenly with a spatula. Add another layer of biscuits and then the rest of the cream! :)   Sprinkle the remaining grated bits of chocolate on top and leave to set in the fridge for 4 hours! 

DON’T EAT BEFORE! Don’t tempted!!!


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