Peach Upside Down Cake

While looking back at some of the pics in my photo album I spotted this :)
My peach upside down cake... well... It wasn't actually peach hehe but apricots.

It was January and we had a whole lots of fruit in our fridge after my husband went a bit crazy on a shopping session with a big bowl of apricots calling to be put into dessert. :)

The upside down cake is something that has been on my baking bucket list and I was keen to tick it off.

If you want the recipe take a look here:

I changed the recipe ever so slightly by adding cinnamon, all spice and nutmeg to the cake mix. It seemed like a bit of a plain sponge with not much flavour and since there is spice in the syrup for the fruit I decided to add it to the sponge.

Note to all readers... when making an upside down tart... NO NOT USE A SPRING FORM PAN! lol... I clearly didnt think it through! the syrup... when heated in the oven... leaks out of the bottom of the pan! its best to use a regular pan. I'm just glad that I had some semblance of foresight to put a baking tray under the cake because cleaning syrup of a baking tray is WAAAY better than cleaning burnt syrup off of the bottom of my oven! hehe

overall I wasnt too happy with the cake. The fruit was good, the cake was a bit bland. I don't know yet how I would make it better but would def try again in the future. :)


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