My Latest Flop

Take a look at that beauty! :) That is proof that us mere mortals fail... hehe

This was supposed to be a chocolate cake for a friends birthday. The recipe is off the Cadbury website and promises nothing but deliciousness. This is not the 1st time I have tried this recipe, and not the 1st time something has gone wrong... -I won't give up... hoping 3rd times the charm :) -  The previous time I turned away from the pot of chocolaty goodness melting together and it boiled over... leaving sticky goo all over my induction hob and counter...

This time, I managed to get past all of that... and managed to mess up in the final mixing. The recipe is rather clear... but for some reason... I claim temporary insanity... I did something stupid. I was supposed to slowly add the eggs and flour to the chocolate mixture.... but... i somehow mixed the eggs and flower and then when I added the chocolate... it refused to blend :( As much as I mixed and whisked... there were tiny bits of flour that point blank refused to mix! 

I baked it hoping it would just sort itself out!  No such luck! :( It came out of the oven sort of ok... I made the ganache to cover the cake with... poured some over the bottom layer, gently lifted the top layer over the bottom and... COLLAPSE! 

The cake turned out to be an alright chocolate pudding which was barely saved with some ice cream! The unmixed flour sort of went crunchy... which added texture... sort of... maybe.... haha!

If you would like to try the recipe - check out the link below. :)


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