Learning Curves

So in case any of my readers are under the illusion that I am not a novice... this next blog will expel all doubt!

My first disaster was in the form of my lamb dish. I don't often cook lamb since my family are none too keen on it. So I therefore haven't had much experience in cooking it apart from the odd lamb kebab I sneak on to the grill when we braai. (BBQ) :)  I had purchased from the shops a lamb flank...and then set about to find a recipe that would be worth the rarity of the meal. I had the idea that I should prepare the meat in my pressure cooker. Having been gifted it for a wedding gift a few months back, I really wanted to use the appliance.
I googled  some lamb pressure cooker recipes. I found a delicious sounding recipe which included wine and tomato and onion and garlic and all sorts of yummy things. The process started off really well, I browned the meat first and placed it in the pressure cooker. It took me about 20 min of confusion and eventually calling my husband to turn the thing on... lol
After the allotted time, I took the meat out, only to kill my excitement with sad disbelief.

Problem 1 - you cannot cook a lamb flank in the pressure cooker. There is a thick layer of fat on the lamb flank. When cooked or roasted in an over, the heat will render and eventually crispen the fat a bit.When I took the meat out, that thick layer of fat was still solid and not very appetizing. I was then prepared.... in all efforts to selvage my dinner to fry the meat in the pan. This lead to problem number 2.

The flank was a roll of lamb that was stuffed with mince meat. when I unrolled the lamb to try fix it... the mince meat in the middle pushed the potential dinner into the trash! I don't know what the problem was but the middle stuffing bit did not smell inviting at all! So that was my lovely dinner... My husband saved the evening with sausages from the freezer... and my dogs dined on lamb! LOL

My second disaster was not so much a disaster as more of an irritation! It was my friends birthday and I decided to make her a cake. I found a  moist chocolate cake recipe that seemed perfect and proceeded. The recipe instructed to heat the butter and chocolate, and sugar in a pan on the stove and then add it to the dry ingredients later. You are supposed to bring them all to the boil and then reduce heat and simmer for a few minutes. Well... a few minutes my ass!!!!! I turned my back for a second and the pot bubbled over! All over my counter... all over my induction hob... everywhere... and it seemed to cool into a sticky layer that was hell to clean within minutes. I don't think my hob will ever be the same again!

So there you have it... Im sharing my moments if despair so that any one who reads this and feels like they are the only one these things happen to... feel comforted! :)

I would have taken pictures, but you know, it really is the last thing on your mind while cursing and trying to fix a mess! hehe

Love Me! :)


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