Jess's Pizza

So Jess came over this morning to visit and we ended up debtating the dilemma that is the what to make for dinner... After paging through some recipe books Jess started to salivate on a picture of home made pizza. :)
So... guess what she made for suppper??? :)
Made with puff pastry... tomato and chutney base.. Pre cook bacon, spring onion and garlic.Sprinkle with cheddar. Note how the tomatoes are only on half the pizza. :) (Jess's boyfriend doesn't do tomatoes)
I would have added mushrooms...but that might just be because I put mushrooms in everything!!!

Once baked... the pizza was topped with avo and camembert.... mmmmmmm gooey goodness!!

Home made pizzas are awesome. Puff pastry is an awesome choice. Wherever pastry is involved.... it almost always ends well! Jess used a cheese and herb pre bought pastry. She mentioned that this was a bit over powering and suggested that normal pastry used.
Making my own puff pastry is something I want to to. I've been watching the great British bake off and they make it look sooo easy! :) LOL.

For pizza...pita bread and rotis are also good to use. The rotis get crisp enough to support the topping :) I do wish mozzarella wasn't so expensive here though... it really is THE cheese to make


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