Ladies Night

Good Morning :)

So I am feeling a little bit sensitive after an awesome evening with some friends from work.     Yummy  snacks and red wine (even the Japanese Kind) are the perfect combination.
I made my (soon to be) infamous tortilla crisps. :) Something I picked up from watching cooking shows. They are addictivly good and I like to convince myself that they're slightly better than chips and or crackers. :) I think they were a hit since they were the first to be completely flattened!

These are so easy to make. I usually use tortillas because they are a bit thicker... (better for picking up dip and cheese) but the shop I visited only had rotis so I ended up using a combination of tortillas and rotis. The rotis turned out quite well actually. they crispened nicely. So.. all you do is cut the tortillas into the desired sized wedges. I usually get 12 wedges per 1 tortilla/roti. I place them in a bowl with a little sunflower or canola oil, add tons of garlic and then swish them all around until they are all coated. Lay them out on a baking tray, sprinkle with a bit of salt and then place them under the grill until they brown slightly. And I mean slightly... when they actually turn brown they are burnt... and not that nice! :) They need turning over at some point. I have also made them with rosemary and olive spice! YUMMY!
There was such yummy array of snacks!
Philadelphia cheese with sweet chilli and fig preserve! ....

Some healthy snacks for those of us who are perpetually on a diet! :)

Tri-colour dip... cream cheese, sun dried tomatoes and basil pesto. YUMMY!

Some great wine that was due to be sent to Japan... Their loss is our gain.

Thanks ladies for an awesome evening!


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