Dinner party for 4

My bestest wingpeep and her bf came over for supper! :) I decided to make chicken roularde with chunky butternut and garlic mashed potato.

To prepare the chicken, pound it out so that it is nice and thin, about a cm thick. Layer the stuffing – I stuffed the chicken pesto, spinach and feta. :) Roll the chicken and tie with string. I find that string is better than toothpicks – It holds the roll better. The rolls are browned in a pan before being finished in the oven for about 20 – 30 minutes.

The butternut was roasted in the oven with cinnamon, nutmeg, salt and pepper. roasted for about 40 minutes, mash the butternut cubes roughly with a fork.
The garlic mash is simple and delicious! Simply crush 3 cloves of garlic and chuck it in the pot while you boil your potatoes. REMEMBER to take the cloves out before you mash!!!! To make the potatoes yummy and creamy add a good knob of butter and warm the milk before mashing!

The gravy was my biggest plus!! :) Once the chicekn is in the oven, use the pan you browned it in and add about a cup of wine. Usually white with chicken, but in this instance I used red. Add also to this about a tablespoon of tomato past. The acid from the wine and tomato helps to deglaze the pan. :) once deglazed (meaning all the black gritty bits on the bottom have been absorbed by the sauce) add a cup of chicken stock. :) Dont worry of the gritty stuff is in the sauce, it gets strained at the end to leave you with a smoooth finish! Let this reduce down, this means leave it to boil away till the quantity is reduced. This concentrates the flavour. If it is a bit to acidic, add about a teaspoon of sugar to cut through it. :) I added 2 tablespoons of gravy powder in about half a cup of water. :) This will help to thicken the sauce if not reduced enough. Pour into a jug through a sieve. 


So I must share with you my awesome hosting skills! :) I set the table beautifly, with pink serviettes, pretty tablecloth, lindor truffles on each persons side plate… AND THEN… my guests are seated, and I serve their meal… but there is no cuttlery on the table. I offer them some of the delicious gravy, but not from a graceful gravy boat, but rather a pyrex jug and a ladel! hahaha… and then the cherry on the top! I had forgotten to remove the string from the chicken! HAHAHA.

My friend Jess brought the dessert! Chocolate mint whoopie pies. :) I had never had anything like that before but they were delicious. Whoopie pies are discs made of cake sandwiched together with chocolate ganche….this was served with a vanilla creme licquor whipped cream! :) was sooo good!

All in all, dinner was good!!!


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