Chocolate Pecan Nut Pie

I made this dessert for some friends who came over for supper. Supper in itself was so yummy but I think I must have been to excited to eat it since I completely forgot to take photos! :( Sorry!

BUT back to the dessert...

Since I made the lemon pie a while back I have  been keen to make another. I found this recipe in a dessert book from a friend and was salivating in thought of making it.

See recipe page for recipe.

The recipe said to blind bake weighted... and then blind bake for a little more without weight... basically bake full of dry beans for a bit and then without. The point of blind bakling with the weight is so that the pastry doesnt shrink when it cooks. I guess the people who wrote the book feel that it won't shrink after its baked for a bit... BUT THEY'RE WRONG! It did shrink! just a bit...but still!

The recipe has TONS of syrup in it... I think next time I might try a bit less and see how it turns out.

Also - the recipe to use dark chocolate. I don't always follow this reccomendations since dark chocolate can be bitter and rather use milk chocolate... BUT I think in this time it would have been good and next time I will def use dark choc. I think it will help balance the sweetness from the syrup.

It was absolutely delicious. peacannutty and sweet. 

I attempted an amarula cream to top it. :) It worked out well. I added the amarula before beating. I was worried that it might not thicken well due to the alcohol but it was good. I tried to do the fancy scoop thing using two table spoons to make a smooth sort of shell thing... didn't so ended up dolloping instead... It tasted good! 


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