8 Strand plaited loaf...

I made bread!!! :) YAY!!!
This is another check for my baking bucket list... to make bread... I really enjoyed making the bread! And will DEFINITELY make it again!

Step 1 is to mix the dry ingredients. :) Easy part...

Once ingredients are combined, the dough is ready to be kneaded.


This was actually quite therapeutic.. Having never kneaded bread before...but having watched enough videos...I was keen to give it a go. The recipe says to knead for 10 minutes and I was happy with the end result. It actually looked like dough. Apparently the dough needs to be kneaded to work the gluten. The better worked the gluten apparently the better the rise.

So now the dough was ready to prove! for those don't know...this is the process while the dough rises... It should double in size. I have learned that its called proving because its a test of the yeast. If it rises, the yeast has worked and proven itself. :)

Once proven, you need to knead the dough again, and divide into 8. Make 8 long stands of the dough and arrange as such.... um... or better most likely!

My plaiting was a bit wonky and definitely needs practice! hehe... I had instructions but those are easier said than done! hehe

Once plaited, it needs to prove again, get an eggwash and then baked for 25 min,

My finished loaf....

it was so good and whether or not it was a good idea to cut it right away... I did exactly that and covered each with butter! mmmmm

Home made bread doesn't stay too fresh for too long so the next day... I made perfect use of slightly stale bread by making french toast! mmmmmm

You can find the recipe here...


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