Christmas in Nov

A little early for a Christmas party but we didn't care... :) Christmas in November was a get together with friends where we all contributes to a dinner course and had a secret Santa. Recipe for an great evening!
We arrived (having hopped up 40 steps on crutches let me just add!!!!!!) to Jax making eggnog. I had never had it before and was pleasantly surprised. I think the brandy made it! :) I thought it would taste rather 'eggy' but it didn't. Its basically a custard made from milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla and then brandy.

Pre dinner snacks :)

The first course was made up of Jess's corn fritters and guacamole, and Jax trout toasts... I sometimes find salmon a little "fishy" but the trout was nice. With squeezed lemon over it, it was refreshing and rather tasty. The guacamole topped fritters were good... and we used the guacamole for the rest of the courses. :)

Next course was Melis's Yorkshire puddings with beef and onion... and Melanies Gammon. :) YUMMY!!!

These were good!!! To make these, you make the jelly as per normal instructions. You simply replace the cold water with vodka. :) So not ALL the water, just the cold water. :) It sounds really strong but they aren't really. :)
I sadly have no pics from the dessert. My sister kindly made me a lemon meringue to take and Leonie made a casatta... An ice cream mixed with nuts, meringue, biscuit, cherries and amarula. :) was good!
After all of that, we were so full. I could have rolled down all those stairs. haha. luckily, I didn't need to.
Thanks gals for a fun night!


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